Music serves a different purpose for all of us. The world of music not only encompasses listeners, artists & other creative roles, but requires them for its sole existence & functionality. Discovering new music creating new social connections, promoting creations & sharing experiences are just a few of the things you can do in this music community.


The pandemic has hit all of us hard, especially those involved in music. No live music means a loss of income for bigger artists. For new artists, it complicates building a fanbase. For listeners, it destroys the community that concerts & festivals bring us.


With this new difficulty of discovery, connection & growth in the industry, Musical Unity's goal is to serve as a platform for listeners & creators alike to connect, discover & support each other.


Find new artists or explore a new genre on the Featured Artist page. Request your favorite artist to be featured or even your own band!


Get to know new artist with interviews! Request certain artist & even participate in fan interviews to give musicians feedback.


Join a club or browse the message boards to meet others with similar musical interests, ask questions & contribute your experiences.

Artist & band Management

MusicalUnity is now offering artist & band management! Get a manager that is as passionate about your music as you are! Limited spots for the best service.

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